Bride of the Tiger

The Musings of Ohtori Saki

Ohtori Saki
7 July
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**This is a journal for a character in a roleplaying game. All of the people mentioned in this journal, including Saki Ohtori, are fictional. Players in For Life & Liberty should consider anything in this journal as OOC information.**

Ohtori Saki (or Saki Ohtori to the non-Japanese), is a Japanese expatriate currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband, Ikki, and brother-in-law, Shun. She teaches staff fighting and acts as office manager at the Ohtori Dojo, a martial arts school co-owned by herself, her husband and her brother-in-law.

For the curious, the IC form of this journal is a small brocade-bound book that Saki carries around with her, in which all the entries are written in Japanese.